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Price Cost per month $89
BBB Rating Rating with the Better Business Bureau A+
Time in Business How long they've been around 14 Years
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Landmark Credit Repair Review

Landmark Credit Repair is a service type of company located in Texas. It is popular when it comes to getting results quick for credit repair. The specializations of Landmark Credit Repair revolve mostly on improving the credit score of the customers in order for them to get the approval for their home, car and business loans. The staffs of Landmark Credit Repair are highly experienced and have been providing services for decade in credit repair industry. This makes them capable of satisfying the customers from their needs in a fast and effective way.

The Good

When it comes to the good side of Landmark Credit Repair, the staff understands how the business works and always ready to provide the help needed by the customers. Also, they have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau or BBB and have been in the business of credit for 13 years. The staff can guarantee the customers with fast and positive results from their needs. The best thing about Landmark Credit Repair when it comes to their good side is that there is a money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied from the results.

The Bad

If there is a good side, there is also a bad side. The bad side of Landmark Credit Repair is that there is no online facility for the customers to check their accounts for any updates about their credit score. Also, they contact the customers monthly when the payment date comes for the services needed to be paid and they let them know what are the changes made from their system. This is normally not always so the customers will have to wait to access their updates since it is not possible for them to check anytime they want. The most noticeable bad side of Landmark Credit Repair is the start-up fee required before the customer can begin. This is not good for some customers even if Landmark Credit Repair offers a competitive rate for the month to month service costs.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Landmark Credit Repair is one of the best companies operating in Texas that we have reviewed. They are proven to be effective when it comes to helping the customers on getting their loans in a fast way. Landmark Credit Repair is also composed of highly experienced and attentive staff. There is no doubt that Landmark Credit Repair can provide the quality services that their customer needs. However, the customers do not have the opportunity to access their accounts online immediately so this must be improved by the company in the future.

Company Details

Price $89
BBB Rating A+
Time in Business 14 Years
Guarantees & Warranties No
Customer Reports Phone
Credit Experts No
Case Setup Yes
Secure Site No
Report Types None

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